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TigerBytes can provide affordable and customisable signs for your business.
Menus, real estate display boards, advertisements, photos….the opportunities are endless.
Touch screen multilingual menus at Kate’s Berry Farm, digital menu displays at Brookfields and butcher special packs at Baldy’s Butchery – these are some of the businesses we have helped display their products with digital signs.

Benefits of digital signs

They are targeted to your audience.
No paper waste.
Provide a consistent message across multiple offices or sites.
Highly appealing.
Advertise 24/7.
They are dynamic and quickly changed for a new message.

Quick Reference QR codes

TigerBytes can link your new or current website, a translated version with a QR Code. QR codes are scanned by smart phones and tablets and provide your customers with web based content that doesn’t take up space in your office, business or display. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) in Hobart has integrated QR Codes and multilingual web content for tourists- all proudly supplied by TigerBytes.

Multilingual content

At TigerBytes, we work with highly skilled translators to provide accurate multilingual signage. Have your business ready for the increasing numbers of international visitors. The international tourism market is worth over $144 million to Tasmania and Chinese visitors have increased 61%. (Source: Tourism Tasmania 2014)

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